Wednesday, March 08, 2006

I have a love/hate relationship with the warmer seasons!

over the next couple of days, it's going to get rainy & stormy & the temp's going to rise into the 60's!

on the one hand, this excites me a bit! i can start making more use of our front porch & patio area's which i love... but, on the other hand, it saddens me a bit too.

i realize that winter can extend into april (here), though it hasn't in quite a long time, but, more than likely, this warming trend signifies the ending of this winter and along with that, the end of the snowy season.

yup, i'm one of those people! i love snow! love it! love it! love it! the more the better!

i have yet to lose my childish excitement at the prospect of a blizzard! i peak out the windows constantly, get up in the middle of the night to check on how much we're getting, leave the blinds cracked open to check for that snowy glow & when i wake, i strain to hear the muffled sounds of a heavy snow fall when all is quiet and a slammed car door seems miles away.

nothing is more calming or peaceful for me than sitting in candle light & watching snow flakes swirl on by the windows.

i love going out in it too! for a ride or a walk, camera or cam corder in hand to capture the beauty. (not to mention the occassional snow fight is a hoot!)

and when we're "snowed in," i love baking some brownies or banana bread cupcakes & making a pot of home made beef stew! (no, i'm not a goody-goody or martha stewart!!)

thank goodness i've found gardening! the warmer months were always such a drag to get through for me! and while the heat can be a bit wilting for me (& the garden), i do enjoy the excitement the first warmer days of the new year bring with them!

but, in my heart of hearts, i'll still hope for one last (big!) snow!!

(and would you believe my favorite time of the year is actually fall/halloween?!?!)

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