Monday, March 06, 2006


it's a bit chilly today, but, i'm going to make a point of sitting outside on my back patio this afternoon.

i live on a 1st floor now, the 1st time in my life (i've always lived in 2nd floor apartments) and i now have a front porch and a back yard/patio to make use of! at our old apartment, i did have a fairly large garden, but, i only began sitting in it about a month or so before we moved! (and i had that garden about 5 yrs!) here, it's wonderful! and fairly private too.

i don't know about you, but, i get caught up in doing this & that around the apartment (though from the looks of things, i don't seem to accomplish much!) and i let the day go by without going outside any longer than it takes me to get the mail!

(this was the case even when i worked. i was only outside long enough to get to work and get home. sometimes my only going outside for the day was to do some errands after work! that doesn't count!)

and when i'm not feeling well, which is quite often unfortunately, i tend to just lay around most of the day & watch tv (& since last wk, go on the computer!!), switching from the bed to the couch & back to the bed again! but, after being outside for even a short time, i'm amazed at how much better i feel, sometimes both physically & emotionally! and then i wonder why i don't sit outside more often! for me it's calming, especially when i'm very upset & stressed & feel like i can't breathe. i know i need to do it more often! (funny how there are things we know are good for ourselves, things we know we should often do & how we just seem to "forget" to do them all the time!)

well, i've done some needed faxing & chores. i've checked some things online. now the rest of the day is free, so to speak. i'll go pull on some sweat pants & a sweat shirt, bring my journal, book & lunch outside and see what happens!

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