Friday, April 28, 2006

And what is up with the magazines in doctor's offices?!

could they be any more sterotypical?!

sports illustrated, pc world, people, glamor and vogue?!

are you kidding me?!

i came to this realization this past tuesday in the waiting room of my new shrink. (new because my old one up & moved to arizona w/no notice and because my problems do not all revolve around my childhood & mom! so much for the psychoanalysis route!) i'd forgotten my book. not even a better homes & gardens in the bunch! which, now that i think about it, is also quite stereotypical, but, at least i could read about gardening!

and then i thought about it... my pcp's office is full of sports mag's, buisness weekly, webmd mag & national geographic explorer.

my otho's office is filled w/pc world, nj mag, home decor mag's, sports mag's, food mag's, some glamor & people, though few. (a bit more varried in seclection!)

my rheumatoidologist's office is full of arthritis today (appropriately so), cabin living type decor mag's, food mag's... that's all i can recall at the moment!

come to think of it my old shrink's office was filled w/martha stewart mag's and men's mag's, that's it! excuse me?!

is it just me?!

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