Friday, April 28, 2006

The Great Gatsby... Not as great as I remember!

junior year. mrs. todd's english class. 1 of 2 books i can remember reading that year, though i know there were more. had to be! (the other i do remember is the scarlett letter, which i detested! so boring! never was a big hawthorne fan).

back to gatsby... i remember loving this book! liking it more than the robert redford movie version we watched after finishing it! and now that i am re-reading it again (for a fiction writing class), i'm having a bit of trouble with it so far. i think i'm 3 chapters in. maybe i didn't like it until mid way through to the end?! the language is awkward, the sentences seem to run on. (there again, i've never been much of a fitzgerald fan either, nor hemingway, though i have sincerely tried w/both!)

i still love ye gods & goddesses from freshman year english. mr... mcginty! (i detested him personally though he was a good teacher). and beowolf and hamlet from senior year english! mrs... i definately do not remember her name! (ok, i admit, i didn't love shakespeare's hamlet, i loved mel gibson's hamlet, which we watched after we finished reading it!!!)

i cannot remember sophomore year english at all! i do remember a tiny, younger man who taught the class, no idea of his name...

i remember taking a creative writing class junior year, which mixed sophomore's and junior's together...

anyway, back to gatsby again! i've got to keep reading it, my class begins this coming monday!! i'm trying to keep an open mind, but, i just wonder what was i thinking all these years keeping it in my favorites list?!

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