Friday, April 28, 2006

Remember when study breaks used to mean...

talking on the phone, writing a note to one of your girlfriends, reading a trashy romance novel (or sweet valley high!), watching tv, reading a magazine, listening to music, going to sleep or muchin' on junk food?!

now it means that i have to pee. again. for the upteenth time already! or i have to take my medication! or one of the cats is causing a ruckus! or the phone is ringing and, per the caller id, it's one of my in-laws or my mom! or the door bell rings & instead of it being a delivery, it's one of the tenants here who proceeds to go into one of their current "problems" and not being able to get a word in edge wise, i'm unable to interrupt (without slamming the door shut, which i have actually been told to do to one of them!) and am forced to listen & at the end repeat that my husband is not home and they have to either wait for him to get home from work, call & leave a message on the office phone or leave a letter in the mail box because i'm not an employee of the management and i cannot do anything for them - they have to speak with my husband! or i go on the computer and get lost for hours without realizing!

adulthood... what a revolting development this has become!

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