Friday, April 14, 2006

Some things just don't make sense to me...

'turning your resentful, angry or emotionally abusive relationship into a compassionate & loving one'?! (a subtitle to some fluffy self help book i noticed in the catalog from my book club).

why is it when you live in an apartment complex (mine is a "garden apartment" complex) people leave everything a mess? (the laundry room, the parking lot, around the dumpsters, the sidewalks, the grass around their porches). they make your business theirs. they "borrow" things from you without asking. they throw their cigarette butts (and other trash) off their decks down onto your patio. they make enough noise to wake the dead as if they live unto themselves. they park in spots clearly not marked for them. but they're the 1st to complain when it happens to them?!

why is it when you really are sick (i've got an autoimmune disease and orthopedic injuries) and you absolutely cannot work and you've got more than one doctor who says you are disabled & cannot work (i've got 3), wherever you apply for disability has doctors that determine you've bascially blown sun shine up their asses & not only can work, but could do an iron man competition?!

i had so many more things to write & i cannot think of them now! oh well, another time!

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