Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Summer ~ A Love Hate Thing!

i've fallen in love with summer ~ well, sort of! to say that is a tad hypocritical since i also hate it with equal passion!

i love: my gardens filling in & bursting with colors ~ wearing less layers ~ longer days ~ bbq's (at home & elsewhere!) & fairs ~ steamy nights with their hazy sunsets, the quiet (no one out & about on the streets or in the stores!) & the warmth is almost comforting when you walk out into it; it wraps around you, makes you sigh & relax ~ the trees are full ~ passing by everyone's gardens & seeing all the bright orange lily's popping out against their green foliage...

strange how one moment the heat's giving you chills & the next it's knocking the wind right out of you!

yet i hate summer too! overwhelming heat & humidity ~ cars without ac ~ when the ac breaks down in the house on the hottest of days ~ how everything inside gets sticky when the ac's on too long or the humidity is too high ~ the bugs & bites ~ headaches & allergies ~ lightheadedness & queasyness ~ feeling worn out & tired after only minutes outside ~ the overall sticky, uncomfortable-ness of it all!

again, as much as i love it, i hate it! and thank goodness for gardening! otherwise i'd only have the fall to look forward to & nothing else year round!

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