Thursday, August 17, 2006


maybe i've said some of this before ~ i apologize for the repitition if so.

we just finished watching another documentary about 9/11 ~ one we've seen before but can't help but watch. seems since that alleged terrorist plot in london was stopped this week & with the 5 year anniversary looming, 9/11 is all over the tv again. (along with the oliver stone movie in theatre's too).

i think it's a good thing to have the footage on tv ~ as much as possible. much of the nation is no longer united the way it was the day after 9/11 and the reminder is necessary. without it, history repeats itself.

had i not chickened out of what others would've considered a dream job, i would've been on the 78th floor of tower 2 that morning. from 9/11 on, any time i watch the footage of the towers falling, i cannot imagine how i would've come out alive. i honestly don't think i would have.

i felt so guilty for so long ~ why had i not been there? i had no husband, no children, no one depended on me... surely one of the lives lost that day was worth far more than mine?! i didn't understand. i couldn't believe how unfair it seemed to me.

since meeting my husband in 05/04, i realized that maybe he was why i wasn't at the wtc on 9/11 and i have become so thankful ~ every time i look at him, eveery time i feel his love for me, every time i see the footage of that horrifying day...

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