Sunday, August 20, 2006

again, about 9/11

last night we were watching another 9/11 documentary on a&e and the narrator stated that only 12 people from the 78th floor of wtc tower 2/the south tower made it out.

i've seen this documentary numerous times but i do not recall ever hearing that statement before. a shudder washed through me and i asked my husband if he'd heard that. he said he did & with tears in his eyes, he held onto me for the rest of the documentary.

i told him that i'd like to think that i would've gotten out of tower 2 before the (2nd) plane hit it, even though they were telling people in tower 2 to go back to their floors/offices and regardless of security saying that "only" tower 1 had been "affected." but, i don't honestly know. how can anyone know what they would do in such a dire situation until they are actually in it?!

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