Saturday, September 30, 2006

getting ready for halloween!

the outside pics (taken during the day) are out of order! (and 1 refuses to upload!) they're numbered to help you see what goes where, from right to left!

1. moved the scarecrow girl next to dracula (who's hanging in that dogwood tree!)

3. i've got marcas the carcas down at the bottom of all the flowers ~ he's got a light up head, feet and hands that fade in & out

view from inside/bedroom windows

2. that's frankenstein in the front and a ghost w/skull face in the back

i've got all orange lights on the bushes and throughout the garden ~ these little good & bad pumpkin heads are from light sets i've thrown away over the years for whatever reason & i've just placed them throughout the garden.

close up of the right living room window

close up of the left living room window

here's good ol' marcas the carcas!

a work in progress!

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