Friday, September 22, 2006

halloween's & fall's of yester-year!

these are some old pics from where we used to live.

october 2004, my old garden, one of my cats (buddy) and the mantle.

october 2005

october 2004

october 2004

october 2005 ~ soooo glad this pic doesn't come out too well! that's me in my old garden.

NOTE: i've actually been decorating for fall & halloween since 1995 BUT i have no pic's or anything from prior to 2004 (just a few scraps) since that ex(boyfriend) i've mentioned in a couple of the previous posts stole and/or threw out nearly everything i've ever owned in my entire life when i kicked his sorry butt to the curb in 05/04! (broke into the apt & the storage unit). but, i've made peace with all of that ~ i wanted to start over from scratch!

(though for every item he stole and/or threw away, may his head of fake hair fall off at the most public of moments (bald of a freakin' cue ball!) and may he have 1 year of "what goes around comes around" karma for every item and...)

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