Sunday, September 03, 2006

It was the storm that just wouldn't go away!

this was taken this morning, 9/3/06 and underneath all those leaves and branches is our patio & back yard area! we'll be going out soon & i'm taking my camera with me! (heard there's some really big trees down around the corner!)

these were taken yesterday, 9/2/06 during the storm and were the only ones that came out clear enough! (yup, that was an access ramp to the water for small craft!)

weather reports 1st said the rain & winds would begin to diminish around 2pm. ha! the wind & rain only got worse as the afternoon wore on! new warnings were posted to end at 4pm. then 6pm. then 7:30pm. then after 10pm!

what wasn't flooded in the morning certainly was by late afternoon! we had to pick up my sister-in-law in cliffwood beach and parts of rt. 35 were flooded but passable on the way there and not passable on the way home. parts of matawan, cliffwood and keyport were completely cut off by water!

all the traffic lights on rt. 35 in middletown were out. before picking up my sister-in-law, we were food shopping in the middletown shop rite & were blacked out for a time before the generators kicked in! (of course it happened just after i left my husband at the deli to go get a few things down one of the aisles!)

we initially lost power some time after 4:30am on saturday and though it was back on here by 10:30am, it didn't do us any good for breakfast since we've got an electric stove!! so we left before 9am in search of food & found it on the opposite side of rt. 36 3 lights north of us. throughout the rest of the day & early evening, our power went out, came back on, browned out...

one of my other sisters-in-law lives in north carolina & couldn't believe we'd been hit worse with ernesto than they were!

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