Wednesday, September 27, 2006

just some more decorating pics!

i'm losing my restraint & the halloween stuff is finding its' way out of the closet!

these little crows (on the door windows) are left over from a bunch of halloween themed cut-outs i made from black construction paper last year for our windows.

living room, bottom center window.

off center shot of the living room center window!

this is the top half of the right living room window.

left bedroom window. (not finished yet!)

left living room window. (that's a light up black cat silhouted (?!) by the moon!)

right living room window. (that's a light up witch silhouted (?!) by the moon!)

again, the center living room window.

a neat shot, i think!

i've added my bats, pumpkins & purple light gardland to the entertainment center!

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