Friday, September 22, 2006

let the decorating begin PART 3!!!

yup ~ it's the same bookcase as below! just wanted to list some of the books i've got centered on that top shelf for the time of year!
~witches, pumpkins & grinning ghosts ~ 1972, edna barth
~american folk magick ~ 1995, silver ravenwolf
~witches ~ 1981, colin hawkins & an old witch! (one of my fav's since i was little!)
~witchcrafting ~ 2001, phyllis curott
~the ghost writer ~ 2004, john harwood
~old witch rescues halloween ~ 1972, wende and harry devlin (another fav since i was a kid!)
~clive barker's a-z of horror ~ 1997, compiled by stephen jones
~halloween ~ 1999, silver ravenwolf
~witches brew ~ 2002, edited by yvonne jochs
~halloween ~ 1990, cass r sandak
~ghosts and goblins, stories for halloween ~ 1965, revised ed compiled by wilhelmina harper
~the ultimate halloween ~ 2001, edited by marvin kaye
~100 wicked witch stories ~ 1995, barnes and noble books
~book of shadows ~ 1998, phyllis curott
~seasons of magic ~ 2001, laurel ann reinhart
~celebrate the earth ~ 1994, laurie cabot and jean mills
~how to communicate w/spirits ~ 2001, elizabeth owens
~the legend of sleepy hollow & other stories ~ ?, penguin classics
~it's halloween ~ 1977, jack prelutsky
~the pagan book of halloween ~ 2000, gerina dunwich
~the halloween tree ~ 1988, ray bradbury
~the halloween tarot & book ~ 1996, karin lee
~halloween II ~ 1981, jack martin (movie novelization)

doesn't look like that much, does it?!

and here's the book shelf in our living room with dvd's and vhs for the time of year!
~halloween's 1 through 8 (but not 3 since i can't find it!) ~ halloween I is my fav!
~the roseanne halloween episodes dvd (the first 1 (done is season 2) is my fav!)
~the fog (another fav!)
~the exorcist 1 and 3 (my ex stole the 2nd from me!)
~in the grip of evil (documentary of the story the 1st exorcist is based on)
~fatal attraction
~jaws 1 & 2
~the dead zone (another fav!)
~the mothman prophecies
~sleepy hollow (w/johnny depp)
~witches night out (funky cartoon from the early 70's)
~disney: legend of sleepy hollow, halloween haunts & donald's scarey tales (cartoons)
~what lies beneath (another fav!)
~mary reilly
~rosemary's baby
~practical magic
~the clay witch project (if you love action & horror, this is hysterical!!!)
~young frankenstein
~the haunting (original)
~the house on haunted hill (original)
~a&e doc witchcraft in america
~scariest places on earth the collection (tv show hosted by linda blair)
~secrets of the unknown bigfoot & witches (what a combo!!)

this is a closeup of the bookcase w/the movies on it. this is my halloween 20 years of terror globe that came with the 2 tape vhs set back in 1998 ~ i have the globe (obviously!) and the key chain, but the vhs set was also stolen by the same ex i mentioned above!

just the other book case on the opposite side of the living room mantle. (another pic of my hubby squeaked in!)

well, there ya have it! this is all i can safely do for now ~ my hubby might blow a gasket if the rest of the halloween stuff appears before october 1st! (he calls me a halloweenie!!!) wait til you see what i do outside!!

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