Wednesday, September 27, 2006

waxing poetic!

a cool & gusty breeze is blowing through the windows. dried leaves are tumbling along the side walk. thick, fluffy clouds in shades of white & grey have gathered over head dimming what was a bright afternoon. crickets & other bugs are chirping & blowing their whistles to pass the time away.

a preying mantis, once a bold green, now the color of a browned fallen leaf, lumbers slowly along the top of an evergreen bush. she has mated. her eggs have been laid in my garden, safely hidden in some unseen nook. and now she waits for her last day. she will not survive the falling tempretures nor see her eggs hatch & her children come into life. but, she has done what mother nature has called on her to do. and so, this coming february her children will continue on the journey their mother is now ending.

(copy rght'd 9/27/06-jw)

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