Saturday, October 28, 2006

been fiddling with our new camera (as you can see!), changed the background on this here blog (which you can also see!) and baked my very first ever home made pumpkin pie (this afternoon!)!!! (hey, it's the small things in life, right?!) and now i'm baking a chicken for dinner ~ the house smells delicious!!!

i've also been working on a story idea that seems promising!!!

and this thursday afternoon, we leave for millsboro deleware for the annual punkin' chunkin' contest this coming weekend!!! i can't wait ~ not just because we've never been, but because we haven't been away from the complex since march and it's a cheap weekend! it should be a blast!

fall leaves, on the corner of the property, wk of 10/25.

that's my booper! itsn't she the cutest thing?! wk of 10/25.

fall sky, view from front porch, wk of 10/25.
(this camera takes some gorgeous pics!!!)

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