Monday, October 30, 2006

Mischief Night!

today's the 6 year anniversary of our cat, mr., (mr. man to be exact!) finding me! yes, he was a stray and he definately found me!!! ya know how ya call to a "stray" and they run in the opposite direction from you?! not this guy!!! he made a bee line right to me!

here's mr looking his usual adorable self! from 09/06

and this is from earlier this evening ~ guess he'd had enough celebrating 'til next year!

well, i've lined our "property" (our part of the complex) with salt ~ old wives' tale way of protecting everything inside the outline (your property & selves) from mischief, both from human and other-worldly nuisances. a good thing for a night like tonight!!!

and i've set out 4 mugs on the table - 1 w/coffee for my nana, 2 w/hot cocoa - 1 for my grandma and 1 for my daughter - and 1 w/tea for my husband's mother ~ all of whom have passed on. i've also set out a treat bag and a mini halloween beanie baby for my daughter next to her mug, along with mini juice boxes. around 11:30p, i'll boil the water and pour it into all the mugs.

i've been doing this a number of years now, but i usually only do this halloween night ~ tonight i decided to do both nights. before i knew my husband, i included my ex(boyfriend)'s mother and for some reason i've only recently included my daughter - i never thought to before, at least i don't remember doing so.

i read about doing it in a book about halloween around 2001. it's never appeared that any of the mugs were sipped from, but, who knows what the future holds?! my irish ancestors have done this for centuries - either leaving an extra meal setting at the table during the harvest dinner or leaving something out that the deceased enjoyed, either way, for them to have on their way back to the spirit world from ours. i rather liked the idea after reading it.

(in case you haven't noticed be reading through previous posts since august, halloween's my favorite!!!)

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