Monday, October 02, 2006

Oct is also Domestic Violence Awareness month

it happens every minute of every day to men, children and women, just like you and i. it happened to me. my point in this? be aware. don't let it happen to someone you love. don't stop trying until you've tried everything you can think of and then some! it may be a thankless job, but the rewards are priceless!

this gets pushed aside because october is breast cancer awareness month. i'm not saying there's too much focus on that - i'm saying there should be equal focus on both throughout this month. both can save lives.

i've emailed every person i know with the above today, as well as posting it on my other blogs and emailing the few shows i watch. and i'll continue to do so throughout the month. sometimes people are too afraid to help themselves or don't know how.

i want as many people as possible to see this - maybe others will pass this along as well - maybe it will help someone along the way.

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