Saturday, October 07, 2006

overflowing produce!

if you still have an abundance of fresh produce left over, even after making all sorts of delicious things, consider donating your fresh produce left overs to a local soup kitchen and/or foodbank!

this is in keeping with the "plant a row for the hungry" campaign which encourages gardeners to plant an extra row of veggies in their gardens and donate the harvest from that row, as well as any of their own extra harvest, to local soup kitchens and foodbanks.

most of us grow & harvest more than we can eat each season, so why not pass along some of our fortunes to others who are less fortunate?! imagine what a difference can be made if every gardener in the country did this each season!

(i've heard, though i haven't confirmed, that this was started about 11 years ago by a garden columnist in alaska).

unfortunately, i did not grow any produce this year, but, i did last year and unknowingly participated in the above! (i only found out about this program in february and last year i gave away all my extra tomato's!)


spirited_singleton said...

Good thought! I'll remember not to let my leftover produce go to waste.

GardeningJo said...

thanks for reading!