Tuesday, November 21, 2006

2 days before turkey day!

2 days before thanksgiving... wow how time flies! my husband's been resident manager here for just over a year now (as of 11/15). we've lived here nearly a year now (as of 12/15) and the basement's still unorganized and the only room painted (and not finished!) is the kitchen!

my sister-in-law and her husband were over last night from north carolina ~ it was so good to see them, especially my sister-in-law. my husband & i have missed her since they went out there last year after the holidays. so, along w/us and my other sister-in-law who's been here since 11/17, we ate baked lasagna & laughed like old times.

well, the grocery shopping's all done and the turkey's on it's way. (the management company who owns this porperty gives all of it's resident managers a 25lb turkey each year for thanksgiving in addition to a generous christmas bonus!) i'm relaxing for the rest of today. tomorrow i'll bake the pies & make the sweet potato's and turnips and start the cleaning and do some laundry.

on thursday, my husband & i are having my sister-in-law and my mother over for dinner along with my aunt and 2 cousins for desert.

friday afternoon, i'm getting together with one of my best, longtime friends ~ 'spirited singleton,' as a matter of fact! (see my links section for her blog!)

on saturday, my husband & i are going to a wedding for one fo his friends. i just got the dress yesterday and i'm not going to let him see me in it until we're ready to leave! (i'm not big on dresses, even more so since i've gained so much weight, but, i love this dress!)

by sunday it'll be time to make my 'famous' turkey pot pies w/the leftovers!

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