Wednesday, November 29, 2006

after turkey day recipe of the day!

time for turkey soup!

i planned ahead a bit when i saved 2 small soupd sized tupper wares of turkey broth & drippings on thanksgiving. i put them in the fridge and today, i skimmed the fat off that had risen and turned somehwhat solid on the tops and threw that out. (too much fat from chicken or turkey in home made soup can upset the stomach!)

then i dumped the somewhat solid broth & drippings into a large pot on med/high heat, followed by 4 cups of water and a zip lock bag of turkey cuttings w/some bones from thanksgiving day. i opened and used a 1/2 bag of green giant frozen mixed veggies ~ which has way too much corn in it, so i dumped it out onto a paper plate and tried to seperate more of the peas, carrots and green beans from the corn before throwing the veggies into the pot as well. (i discarded the extra corn). then i drained and rinsed a can of del monte fresh cut diced potato's, threw them in and stirred.

i'll let theat heat for a while before cutting up 2 onions and adding them to the pot. i'll let it all boil for about 20 minutes and then turn the heat down to low and let it simmer until dinner time (about 5:30p). about 10 minutes before serving i may add a quarter of a bag of egg noodles ~ either way is good! around the same time i'll warm some rolls to go along with the soup!

and there ya have it! turkey pot pies are coming up this weekend!

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