Wednesday, November 22, 2006

day before turkey day!!! ~ part 3

well, the sweet potato's and turnips (cut by my husband because my hands are so bad i cannot manage to do so!) were boiled & mashed, both in their casarole dishes in the fridge ~ the rest of the laundry was dried ~ dinner was cooked & eaten and a mysterious lump has appeared on my right hand (looks classy w/my bandaged & burned ring finger! at least my ankle's stopped throbbing - i took garbage out earlier and the wind caught the fence gate and slammed it into the back of my right ankle & cut it open)...

in between all the cooking, baking & running to and from the basement to wash and dry the laundry, i managed to finish a book called 'the sugar camp quilt' by jennifer chaiverini (very good read - highly recommended!) so i can give that back to my aunt tomorrow along with 'the quilter's apprentice' (by the same author) ~ my aunt loaned me nearly a dozen books, including 5 of the 'elm creek quilts' novels by jennifer chaiverini and i know she's read them all yet they look as new and un-cracked open as the day she bought them! (all of her books have always looked like this!)

it makes me soooo nervous to read them - most of their spines aren't even creased! so i'm trying to read them as carefully as i can so i can return them the way she's loaned them to me, but, it's not easy! i like to make notes in books i read, including the day i started & finished the book and i like to flatten a book out to make reading it more comfortable for my hands.

i like the 'elm creek quilts' series so much i've purchased the 'elm creek quilts sampler' on ebay, which is the 1st 3 novels (once it arrives, i can return what my aunt has loaned me w/out reading her copies!) and 'an elm creek quilts album' which contains 3 more in the series. the book i finished today is not necessarily a series book, more of a prequal i suppose and i will purchase that at some point and re-read it as well.

anyway! i should really get to bed & try to sleep! i've got to be up well before the macy's parade begins to get that turkey in the oven! again, how time flies!

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