Wednesday, November 22, 2006

day before turkey day!!!

well, out of all i mentioned yesterday that i've got to do today, i've loaded the dishwasher & it's running! (actually, i don't think i mentioned that one!) and it's 11:23am!!!

my sleep pattern changes every few months and i don't get into my 'deep sleep' until sometime around 4 or 5am. it makes getting up early or getting motivated to do anything when i am up really, really difficult!

i've got to do laundry for myself, my husband and my sister-in-law (who, as i've mentioned, has been staying with us since 11/17 and is going home this coming sunday). i hate doing laundry to begin with! i'll start off with hers ~ she's already got hers ready & in the laundry bag!!!

and then i'll start baking the pies!

i can't believe the holidays are upon us!!!

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