Thursday, November 30, 2006

a thriftin' i will go!!!

in about 45 minutes, i'm off to st. catherine's thrift shop ~ one i've never been to before. i'm in search of christmas decorations! (and anything else that comes to mind when i see it!) outdoor and some indorr christmas dec's!

thrift shopping for christmas dec's?! you say? in 2004 and 2005, when i was trying to rebuild my christmas decoration collection (that my ex stole/threw out after i kicked him to the curb), the thrift shops helped me tremndously and for little cost! (love that!)

and you can find some really nice stuff, well worth the few dollars they charge for it! i'm not just talked christmas dec's here either! all over the house there are picture frames, candle holders, pictures and paintings, our spring through thanksgiving dishware set (8 full place settings ~ mikasa ~ for $5!!!), many mugs & glasses, pillows, throws, books, purses and jackets, not to mention other holidays besides christmas decorations, all from thrift shops! i even got my first computer (monitor, keyboard, mouse, hard drive) and printer from a thrift shop ~ all for $20!!!

when i was A LOT thinner, i used to buy a lot of clothes from thrift shops too, but, now that i'm not so skinny, the selection is pretty nill! anyway, if it's a piece of crap, don't buy it just because it's cheap! if it's nice & in good condition & you love it, go for it!


Barbara said...

I love the second hand stores! I need a skirt for a funeral and there is no way i am paying for a new one. It is off the Value Village.

spirited_singleton said...

Rockin'! Thrift shops are fun.