Sunday, December 24, 2006

Happy Christmas Eve!

according to (santa tracker!) santa's passed pa, nj & ny and he's heading out of boston as i type this!

it's 10:58pm. my hubby's asleep. i'm not ready to sleep yet. i love christmas eve! the peacefulness and quite beauty of it.

we stopped at my aunt's house this am to drop off a gift for her. then we went to the cemetary to put pointsettia's on my nana's & uncle bill's graves. we've had xmas dinner already with my mom & sister-in-law. we spent some time this evening with another sister-in-law, her husband & son and another nephew dropped by. then we stopped at my hubby's best friend's aunt's house.

now we're home, alone and that's how it will be through tomorrow! our 3rd xmas together ~ our 1st alone!!!

in a way, there's always a let down when things are over & that's how i felt when we got home. i was a little sad. i was so disappointed when i thought 24 hours of "a christmas story" wasn't on cable this year! (i thought it was tnt ~ it was tbs!) i've been looking forward to it!

the nutcracker was on pbs when we got home ~ the one with mikael barishnikof (not sure on the spelling!). oh how i've loved to watch that on xmas eve since i was a little girl!!! that and a christmas carol (w/alister sim) and xmas eve on sesame street! xmas eve was always one of my favorite nights of the year because of them!

i'm a bit sad because i'm not tucking in my little girl and tip toeing around to get all her presents under the tree and have some of the milk & cookies left for santa. i said to my hubby earlier that i hoped if there is a heaven that there is christmas eve & day for babies and children in heaven.

our old apartment was set up like a studio apt, so the past 2 xmas's, i was able to leave the tree lights on & see it from our bed. so, as much as i'd like to lie down next to my hubby, i'm going to go out into the living room for awhile so i can see the christmas tree and enjoy what's left of the quiet beauty of this night.

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