Sunday, December 31, 2006

Happy New Year's Eve/Happy Last Day of 2006!

i've been thinking about my new year's goals (see prev post titled "the dreaded new year's resolutions" ~ or something to that affect!) and tied for number 1 on my list is exercising and writing, both every day!

just found that my garden blog @ dig in dirt garden blogs has been deleated in the revamping of the site! ugh ~ that soooo hurts! (10 months of writing!!!) at least i found out tonight instead of tomorrow! (wouldn't bode well for the new year i don't think!) i don't know what's happened to other fellow garden bloggers i became friends with through the site & that saddens me a bit. i've emailed someone who used to be the contact for the site & i hope that answers my questions soon!

anyway, be safe, be well and have a happy, healthy & prosperous new year!!!

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