Thursday, December 07, 2006

i can't believe it's nearly 3pm. since 8am, i've been working to get through all the xmas boxes & get out what i want out & repack what i don't. 5 boxes didn't look like much, but, they were crammed w/more than i even remember having!

i've got so much xmas stuff, i can't possibly put it all out. it's funny, because the place we lived in before this was way, way smaller (studio size) and i think i had most of it out & i can't figure out where or how!
i think i'm done decorating the living room ~ we'll get a tree late next week, maybe. it's onot the bedroom next (and last!).

i've put a tree in the kitchen, as you can see above. i dragged it out of storage last year because i knew we were moving on 12/15, knew we were waiting until we moved to get a real tree but, didn't want to feel as though i'd missed out on the whole season (2nd time i've moved in december for the 15th! NOT recommended!!!) and it's turned into a tree i decorate for my daughter. i cannot tell you why i feel that way about it, i just do.

it's got red & white "candy cane" lights on it with mainly red, white, clear & silver ornaments on it. the tree itself is a bit ratty looking, but, it's really pretty all dec'd! (it would stay pretty if the cats didn't like to chew on it, climb up the middle of it and play with the ornaments so much!)

i've got to get going & get ready. as soon as hubby's home, we're going to church to light a candle & then pick up my mom's xmas present.

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