Thursday, December 21, 2006

i just got the best present ever!

so my aunt and cousin came over this afternoon to visit a bit and drop off some toys for toys for tots (see previous posts).

a few months ago i mentioned to my aunt that i'd been having trouble finding good fiction books to read. she reads the 'elm creek quilt' series (see my "links" section!) and gave me 4 of them to start with. about a week later, she gave me another 9! out of all those i've returned 5. today, my aunt brought me another bag of (5!) books!

just before i shifting things on the book shelf in the living room where i keep her book, i looked through them. on the inside covers, she usually pencils in her intials (and my cousins if they're not mysteries!) after she's completed a book. her initials are the same as mine, jw. a few minutes ago, on the inside covers of the 5 books she brought today, my first initial is now penciled in along with hers (and my cousins)!!!

i have no idea why, but, it made me so happy! i love my aunt so much. always have. we've always had a special bond, of which my mother and cousin have both been jealous about at one time or another (my mother's never stopped!). we've been back in contact since just before vic & i got married back in 5/05.

when we were first out of contact before my nana passed away (due to things among my nana's children - my mom, aunt and uncles), i was very, very hurt. as time passed, i got to the point i didn't honestly care anymore. i didn't care much after first being back in contact - it was very awkward: talk about the past or just pick up from the present and keep going?

my aunt loves my husband and now that we talk on the phone again & visit/spend time together and still have all that reading in common, i care so much! she just turned 70 this oct and i can't believe she's "old" - numerically speaking at least! i'm afraid of not having enough time with her now that she's older & i don't know how i'll get through losing her.

anway, back to my being happy over just her initialing her books with my initials! it really brings home the point that this time of year isn't about the material things! and it's the simple things that touch us so much!

and now i've really kicked that humbug!

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