Thursday, December 21, 2006

well, i seem to have kicked some of that humbug last night. all of the sudden it hit me, that "christmas spirit" when i decided to hang up the christmas cards! i kept at it by hanging up some of my old ornaments in the living room.

not that my husband cares in the least, but, i've decided to only hang up ornaments that we've gotten since being together and all of my old ones go on the garlands on the mantle or the et center or the 2 shelves in the living room. in the past others complained that all the ornaments were mine and since i feel as though my life really started once we met, the christmas tree is now reserved for just us! and since i just love a tree with christmas lights and don't feel the need for ornaments, it doesn't bother me that the ornaments on it are few & fare between!

my aunt & cousin are on their way so i must be going!

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