Sunday, January 21, 2007

around 12:30pm, hubby left to pick up one of our nephews and they were going to help one of our nieces move the rest of her stuff out of her & her husband's apt in nj and take her & her things back to baltimore, where she's been for the past 8 months or so since they split up.

you'd think hubby had been gone for a week with the way i've been missing him this entire afternoon & evening! i know my being sick isn't helping me much & i guess i'm feeling kind of needy!

my sister-in-law's here for the weekend & my mom knows how sick i've been, so she stopped over around 5pm and suggested we have chinese delivered (on her!) so that i didn't have to cook. that was really, really nice of her.

hubby called about 9pm ~ they're back in nj and were just over the de memorial bridge when he called. he said it was snowing down there. i told him i loved him & i miss him. he said he'd be home by about 11pm. i can't wait.

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