Friday, January 19, 2007


what turned into a 'change of pace' (or space rather) because i coudn't stand to be stuck in bed or on the couch anymore turned into a "break-through."

around 5pm this afternoon i'd been sitting in my kitchen, at the table, starring out through the patio doors (above) into space, watching the squirrels, cardinals & finches come for the cracked corn kernals i'd put out this morning and reading "week 3" of julia cameron's "the artist's way," when it hit me in the face...

i've come to see what has me so blocked as a writer ~ i am not sure if this is a reason overall, or just in part, but, nonetheless it's a breakthrough.

i got up from the table and walked around the apt., a bit dazed, nearly in tears & just kept saying aloud "i know why i don't write!" i was breathless. i was amazed. i was happy.

i'll try to work on this and get through it. it's the best i can do. i'm not ready to go public with this discovery (and may never need to), but, i did want to share the experience of it.

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Anonymous said...

I am so happy for you that you had that experience!!!! How wonderful!!

Big HUGS!!!!