Friday, January 26, 2007

that time of the month again! no, you didn't need to know that. i'm just frustrated. i didn't get it at all in december and now i've gotten it twice in january! and just when i'm getting over that borderline pneumonia thing i don't need to be this worn out from a re-appearance of my monthly visitor! i could end up sick all over again!

the heating system here hasn't worked right in nearly a week. it's freakin' 62 degrees in here this morning and it supposed to be 68. you don't think 6 degrees makes much difference do you?! maybe not on paper (or in print rather) but it's damn chilly in the rest of the apt.! i've got to dig the heater out of the pantry again for the kitchen. with those 2 huge patio doors, it's like an ice box in there.

last night it was 70 degrees and very comfortable throughout the apt. ~ thank goodness as our coldest temp's in 2 years were setting in last night and will stick around through tomorrow morning! (single digits & teens). we had the heating/boiler repair here this past monday and all he did was "reset the computer." the gas heating bill for the complex last month was double any other december, ever, (and we only had a day & a half of freezing temps in dec! most of the time it was in the 50's to the 70's!) and now that the cold weather's actually set it, the heating system's not getting the apt.'s up to what they have to be by law, "68 degrees from 6am through 11pm and 65 degrees at all other times." there's definately more wrong than "resetting the computer" is apparently going to fix! i/we didn't have this problem last winter once the temp's dropped and i'm getting pissy about it being a problem!

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