Wednesday, January 10, 2007

updates re: knees & links

(see prev post) well, this evening i don't need to have pain patches on both knees as well as ace bandages wrapped around them, so this is good! i tell ya, the past 2 nights have been pure hell ~ my knees haven't hurt that much, especially at the same time is YEARS! the pain was absolutely horrible! i don't think i could've taken it (mentally) another night!

i've got a lot more links now and i'm still working on getting more up!

any of my favorite authors with their own web site are in the links section and i've noted my fav book(s) of theirs along with their name. visible in my profile to the right are those authors without their own site along with my fav book(s) of theirs.

i've also got garden(ing) related links, writer's related links (the artist's way), a link to one of my favorite designers rebecca cole and a link to the u.s. south pole station because i'm fascinated with it! (i was before reading "ice bound" by dr. gerri neilsen and more so afterwards!)

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