Saturday, January 06, 2007

wacky weather, new templates and my other blog

it was 61 degrees last night after 11pm when i was posting the two previous entries from my cell. it's now 9:15am and 64 degrees! and while the air smells deliciously sweet and i'm going to have a late breakfast on my patio, this is ridiculous! i live in nj, not in the south! i'm so out of sorts, really. you never notice just how much your body is attuned to the seasons until something like this happens! plus it's 77 percent humidity already & going up to 70 or so degrees today which is a tad unconfortable for me.

ps: as you've noticed, i changed my template (yesterday). while pics showed up great on the black template, over all it was kind of blah! this is different than the version on this template that i remember from when i first started, but, it'll do for now. i did freak a bit because i lost all my links by changing templates as well as my "good reads section" but, the links are back up and i'm still trying to remember how i did the good reads section in place of my previous posts!

also: i'm having a problem with my other blog, anysmalltownusa. everytime i try to sign in (with blogger beta/google account) i get a message of "service is not available at this time, please try later." what the f?! (just reinforces my opinion that beta blogger is worse to deal with than the old blogger!)

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