Wednesday, January 24, 2007


earlier this evening, i was reading a blog called "turkey feathers" (see my links section) and read her latest entry which states that she was "tagged by retro rosie to confess 6 weird things about" herself, which she did! i left a comment at that time but went on to think about this more throughout the evening and made my own list, which i just left as a comment on turkey feathers blog. here it is:

"i've been thinking about my wierdness and 9 things came immediately to mind & i wrote them down or i'd've forgotten!

1: i go through periods of time when i sleep with a stuffed animal (i'm in my 30's & married!).
2: i've recently become addicted to buying yarns & knitting needles & can't seem to stop.
3: i like going to the airport even when i'm not flying (though it's not as much as it was before all the restrictions/prior to 2001).
4: i collect foodstore key chain club cards from stores in states we don't live in and keep them on my key chain all the time (since we frequent pa, de & fl, this is actually practical too!).
5: i think punkin chunkin is AWESOME and want to go every year! (see Punkin Chunkin in the 'links' section of my blog at for info.)
6. i take pics of walmarts i've been to outside of nj, which so far is 1/pa, 2/fl & 1/de (inside the store above the exit where it says "thank you for shopping your zephyrhills walmart..." ~ my husband actually started this as a joke).
7: i talk to my cats as though they're human & fully understand me.
8: i write letters in a journal to talk to my daughter, whom i couldn't & didn't have nearly 8 years ago.
9: even though i know i should, i don't get up early like most 'normal' folks and prefer to stay up late (have always HATED getting up early, since i was a child through to the present!).

i've also got some peculiar ways when it comes to pens, journals/sketch writing books & mugs, but, i think i've said enough for now!!! this has actually been quite fun!"

so, what do you think of my list?! how weird are you?!

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