Monday, January 08, 2007

well i'll be darned!

well, i finished the horticulture sessions of my horticulture & landscape design course! (next come the landscape design sessions!) and i walked for 2 & a quarter miles (45 or so minutes)!

strange that i accomplished that much when i started the day looking at everything i want to get done (overall, not just today) and i sat, overwhelmed, in bed for over two hours! i still don't know how to set aside scheduled times for anything and i don't know how i was able to do so much when i worked as opposed to now!

i'm still slightly panicky with the thought that i'm really getting too old & have wasted so much time that none of my "dreams" are ever going to come true. i don't know why that hit me before new years, but it's haunting me off & on since.

more later!

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