Tuesday, January 16, 2007

winter's finally arriving! tonight's going to be 5 to 10 degrees in this area. don't know if that's the actual temp or the "real feel" temp. this is only my second winter living on a 1st floor, but i know when it's going to get this cold, i have to make sure all the windows are locked & curtains are down in front of them and the bottom of the patio door is blocked by the kitchen mats to help keep some of the cold are out. but, with those 2 huge glass doors, i'll have to have the heater on in the kitchen tomorrow morning.

boy that wind is really roaring out there tonight! that's what it does here. at least that's the best way for me to describe how it sounds. because we're essentially down at the bottom of a valley & surrounded by hills/mountains, you hear the wind here well before it actually gets to us and you hear it well after it passes through. when it's this black at night and you can't tell the trees from the sky and can't see their branches swaying, it can get kind of spooky. took a lot of getting used to & if it hasn't been windy for a while, takes getting used to again.

oh goodie ~ our neighbors upstairs are getting their swerves on again! makes us giggle a bit and i'm sure they've heard us before but i do find it a bit tacky since her son's room is literally 2 steps away from theirs and if we can hear them down here, i'm sure her son can hear them too! (could explain why he tends to play his stereo on the loud side at odd hours of the night!) wow ~ that was fast! (maybe that's why they do it so often!!!)

anyway! i've had a sinus infection since the beginning of december, but now i'm cming down with a cold & it looks as like tonsilitis too. i've got that achey, scratchy, wanna cough even though i don't have to throat thing going on, which means i'm going to choke every time i try to lay all the way down in bed tonight. last night i was exhausted but i just couldn't sleep, which sucked.

this is the first time i'm sick and being on enbrel and i'm curious to see how this goes. i'm on ketek, the only antibiotic left that i'm neither allergic or immune to, and i've stocked up on sudafed cold, vitamin c & a, echinacea & goldenseal, activia yogurt and ensure nutrition drinks. i've also got green tea & soup. i did forget to buy tissues today, but i'll make due with toilet paper & napkins because i'm not going out in the bitter cold tomorrow! (it's not supposed to get out of the 20's or low 30's plus wind!)

tid bit of the day! pepermint candy canes are great for soothing your throat and keep you from coughing! (and they taste way better then menthol drops!)

though i can tell this is going to be another sleepless night, i'm signing off for now to at least make the effort!

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