Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Ash Wednesday, 1st day of Lent

as i said in yesterday's post, i am going to give up wasting time for lent and now i've decided that i'm adding daily exercise.

i've accomplished some today: got up early ~ finished cleaning the living room couches (did all the vacuuming, scooping the litter boxes, cleaning the bathroom, laundry & 2 loads of dishes, etc. yesterday) ~ went to the foodstore for a few things ~ invited my mom over and had her watch the oprah show i taped yesterday about how people live and decorate in small spaces (because she complains that her 600 square foot apt. is too small - tape showed people who live in nyc in 250, 265 & 550 square foot apt's!) ~ filled out a lease for an applicant who's coming by at 4pm to sign it ~ made a follow up appt. for hubby's sinus dr ~ tried calling my aunt but got her machine...

what i still want to do today is: complete 2 exams ~ situps & stomach crunches ~ write ~ figure out if i'm going to schedule things for each day or just have a list of tasks to complete for each day (i know, i said i was going to do that last night!!!)...

i'm just taking this day by day and see how it goes!

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