Monday, February 05, 2007

happy day after super bowl!

we stayed in yesterday after going out for breakfast. nope ~ no super bowl parties! (are those gasps of outrage i hear?!)

just like christmas day, it was wonderful coming in from the cold and watching hubby just relax for the day. i joined him periodically as he stretched out on the couch, watched a 'ghost hunters' marathon on scifi and finished up his latest book from the library. i too was reading and watching tv off & on.

i didn't feel well at all throughout the afternoon so i spent some time just hanging out in the kitchen to give him some quiet space. besides, if i was going to get sick to my stomach, i'd rather stick my head in the huge garbage can we have in there as opposed to the bathroom toilet! i know, too much info! actually, i love spending time in my kitchen! everyone gravitates there when we have company! i just have to get a comfy chair in there. those wooden table chairs are hell on my back!

we shared 2 bowls of pop corn & soda's late in the afternoon on the couch. hubby took a nap around 5pm and we started cooking dinner sometime after 6pm. he wanted hamburger helper, (YICK!) so i cooked up a bowl of soup for myself and baked a 1/2 doz corn muffins for both of us. i gave him a hair cut sometime after 8pm and we transferred ourselves to the bedroom for the rest of the game and i fell asleep sometime after 10pm, snuggled up against him.

i love days like that with him!

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