Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day!

since we've been in the midst of a nasty winter storm since late in the evening yesterday, hubby surprised me with strawberry ice cream colored roses and a card last night!!! (he didn't want to risk not being able to get out & get anything today!)

what an icy, windy mess we've got going on here! it started as snow last night after dinner and quickly changed to freezing rain within the hour and it's been that way since about 8pm last night! it's supposed to change to rain for a few hours around noon then back to snow around 3pm and then the temperature's going to plummet and stay in the teens and 20's for days! everything's going to turn into a sheet of ice! (the marina's been frozen for a while now ~ i took some great pics this past sunday & yesterday which i'll have to post).

hubby's out with the snow blower now ~ he's having a time of it trying to push it along - it doesn't look like he's getting much traction even with his snow boots on.

except for a candle lit in the hall, there's no lights on & i turned the tv off once the morning news was finished. the freezing rain's pecking at the window's and of course there's the sound of the snow blower and the neighbor boy running after hubby with a shovel shouting questions (main reason why we've nicknamed him "question boy!"). the cats have been glued to the patio door since 6:30am this morning watching the birds & squirrels dig for seed and chase each other around in the snow.

i've got to get some writing done and straiten up the bedroom, so i'm signing off for now!

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