Friday, February 02, 2007

lazy grey days

last saturday, while hubby was working and it was cold & grey out, i spent the day putzing about the house and watching the 1st season of roseanne (on dvd). i love watching the first few seasons of roseanne. i love how everything looks, how everyone dresses and how their hair is done. i love how roseanne, jackie and crystal would go out to the lobo (bar) for drinks & pizza. (yes, i know it's a fictional show!) i've never had that & still don't.

and watching this last saturday, i thought of how weekends used to be weekends! after school & after work were just that! friday nights were looked forward to w/excitement! all before the age of all stores being open 7 days a week & open late every night ~ before the age of revolving shifts for industries other than factories...

today it's been finishing the book "round robin" (an elm creek quilts series book from jennifer chiaverini) and watching sex and the city, the end of season 2 and now onto the beginning of season 3. i had wanted to watch season 6, part 2, the last 8 episodes, but, i can't find the dvd's and i'm quite alarmed! anyway!

i cannot explain how much i love this show or how much i've connected to it! it makes me laugh & cry ~ it inspires me! i live vicariously through it as i have always dreamed of living in & working in the city! the show was with me through some very rough times. (total cornball i know!)


carolyn said...

I'd forgotten all about Roseanne that was such a funny show.

GardeningJo said...

i was so jazzed when they started releasing it on dvd! i might get season 3 & 4 but after that she changed so much ~ yeah, the show was still funny, but, roseanne stopped smiling, stopped laughing (unless it was a sarcastic laugh) and she seemed so bitter & nasty! it loses the magic it had in the first few seasons!