Thursday, February 15, 2007


my mother lives in the apartment complex we run. i was going to clean off her car yesterday afternoon, after shoveling 13 porches, but hubby said to wait until the storm was completely over.

i called her around 10am this morning to let her know i'd get out there asap today but i wasn't sure what time ~ i'd been dealing with the plumber, an unexpected fridge delivery & removal, faxing paperwork and phone calls all morning and at 2pm i was meeting with someone to fill out an application for a vacant apartment.

about 1pm i noticed my mother out by her car and i went outside and told her i'd come out & help her. she responded with "don't bother." i said "what's your problem?!" "you couldn't have told me there was this much ice on my car yesterday?!"

i said "if the fact that there was over 3 inches of solid ice on your deck by 5pm yesterday and watching all the neighbors helping one another clean off their cars yesterday didn't tell you that, then common sense should've! i was going to clean your car off yesterday afternoon but (hubby) said to wait until the storm was totally over ~ if you've got a problem with it, you can (f'n) talk to him about it ~ you've got some nerve giving me an attitude since this is the first time in over 5 years i haven't cleaned off your car!"

and with that i slammed the screen door and then my front door shut.

hell, even when we didn't live in the same town i'd always make sure that i (or hubby since 2004) would get to her to clean her car off!

and to think, yesterday she was calling me to thank me over & over for the "adorable" card and "beautiful" flowers we got her for valentine's day.

i'm trying not to let her & the fact that i just found out my worker's comp settlement may not come until the beginning of april when i was originally told by 2/19/07 ruin my day...

***take a look see at the previous post for my pics of Mother Nature's icy Valentine's Day!***

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