Thursday, February 15, 2007

so angry i could spit or cry

problems with our prescription plan again. actually, it's not their fault. it's agent orange's fault. (my "pet name" for the retail warehouse home improvement company i worked for and hubby still does).

i am so sick to death of all the bs that comes along with dealing with agent organe. we enroll in benefits every november. we opted out of mandatory mail order for prescriptions, as usual. we get 2 confirms of enrollment, 1 in nov and 1 in dec. agent orange transfers ALL employee prescriptions to caremark mail order in january 07 without notifying anyone.

here we go again. just when i think things are going ok i get kicked in the teeth repeatedly in one day. (see prev post). i get so tired of this. no matter what i try to do, i get fucked. why does everything have to be so damn hard all the time? it's been hard for so long, can't i get a break now & again?! it really starts to wear me down. crap. here come the tears.

***ck out my pics of our icy Valentine's Day ~ just scroll down!***

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