Saturday, February 24, 2007

some sex and the city

day before yesterday i started watching sex and the city season 3. yesterday i watched the episodes when carrie's first with aidan ~ new love in spring in nyc! and that's when it hit me ~ i'll never experience that again with hubby! yes, i'm still completely madly head over heals in love with him & hot for him, but maybe i didn't savor that part of us long enough or try to make it last as long as it possibly could because we just fit so well together right from the first moment. i was a little startled at the thought, even a little sad.

speaking of nyc! around the 3rd week of march, i'm going to spend the weekend in nyc with one of my longtime best friends, spirited singleton ~ (see my links section for her blog!) i can't wait! i've always wanted to live & work in nyc, even if only for a brief time ~ i so live vicariously through her!

anyway, 2 spots i definately want to hit are 'the strand' bookstore and 'conways' clothing store! i know there are more than that, but i can't think of any right now! i haven't been to the city since late november/early december 2004! i got tired of it ~ it stopped living up to my expectations! i think i've been away from it long enough now to enjoy my visit, especially since i'll be with spirited singleton!

and, as cheesy as this sounds, if there's time, i want to do the 'sex and the city' tour!!! or i at least want to photo copy the satc map from the 'satc kiss and tell' book and have spirited singleton show me a few spots!!! i know, i am such a geek! i've always wanted to see the brownstone where "carrie" lived ~ the stoop she used to sit & smoke on, the windows she used to gaze out of in thought... yes, I KNOW IT WAS A TV SHOW, NOT REAL LIFE! cut me some slack!

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