Tuesday, March 13, 2007

catchin' up on my "big adventure!"

i can't believe my friend gets to look at this every day! it's awesome at night!

could be the east river & the fdr... not sure!

the empire state building from afar! (and zoomed in!)

they boast "18 miles of books" ~ i can tell you it was the most books i've ever seen in one location of any book store in my life! mainly used, their prices are amazing! i picked up 5 books (2 of which are hardcover) and 2 of their tote bags & i only spent $48!!!

given the opportunity, i have to take a pic of the empire every time i'm in the city!

had a fantastic time in nyc with spirited singleton this weekend! (see my links for her blog!) luckily, i'll be going back for another visit next month & staying for the whole weekend! (i was only able to stay overnight this time). the above pics are ones i took while on my "big adventure" as she put it!

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