Saturday, March 24, 2007

Spring Has Arrived at the Nursery!

pansy's ~ annual

med. heath or heather, i'm not sure at the moment! (i do know the one i had last year died! i'm actually surprised to see these out now ~ they're technically at the end of their bloom for their season) ~ perennial

more pansy's! annual

and some more pansy's! (had to crop this photo to keep a store sign out of it!) annual

and yet again, more pansy's! actually, these are viola's! can be annual or perennial or biennial depending on weather conditions

primroses! (aka primula) this type is used here as an annual though it can be a perennial depending on weather conditions ~ best used in shade or indirect sunlight!

more primroses though these are different than the picture above and appear to be a perennial form.

some kind of perennial daisy but i forgot to look at their name.

more perennial primrose.

and yet some more perennial primrose!

phlox ~ perennial.

what an unexpected and wonderful surprise when all i was in search of was a bag of potting soil and a propane tank exchange! i've been absolutely giddy with excitement after seeing these beauties! i can't wait to go on a shopping spree! i hope the weekend warriors don't go too crazy on these this weekend and leave some for me!

for the rest of the pics ~ yup, there's more! ~ click on the following:

there's also a link to my public photo albums on picasa in my links section!


BarbaraMG said...

Beautiful! I am so HAPPY that spring is finally here!

carolyn said...

Aren't they gorgeous?