Wednesday, April 11, 2007

catchin' up!

haven't been posting much as of late ~ no particular reason why!

i've actually been writing on a regular basis for just over a month now! spirited singleton & i exchange a minimum of a page of writing every mon, wed & fri. (see my links for her blog!) it's been really good for us both actually!

monday i got back into my classes & assignments and took 2 exams. (got 100% on interior decorating and an 85% on landscape design). i've really slacked off since getting that nasty bout of bronchitis & penumonia in january.

been better health wise since finally getting over that in late february ~ and i'd been sick with a sinus infection since the beginning of december - almost 3 months sick! (par for the course for me!)

but my near daily headaches have returned & it would seem i'm headed back down the chronic migrane road again! i had chronic headaches & migranes from the time i was 5 up into my mid 20's. i can tell you i don't think i could go through that kind of pain again without losing my mind! i've joked that i think i'd kill myself if the migranes come back like they used to be ~ part of me isn't joking!

'course the neurologist i've been referred to doesn't take our health insurance & our out of network deductible is over a grand (at which point i'd only get back 20% of what i put out) but hubby may have a new job with a company who's health insurance this doc does accept, so i'm holding off on my 1st appointment for now.

i've been reading up on organics (food & gardening) because i'm disgusted with all the sodium that's in EVERYTHING! (been sodium conscious for over 14 years because of the headaches & migranes but i'll be damned trying to cut out any more than i already have been!) i understand the need to preserve things, but i don't want to eat stuff that's got a longer shelf life than i do!

well, don't want to wake hubby with all the clattering these keys make as i type so that's it for now!


Tami said...

Thanks so much for the book recomendation "Sufficient Grace". After reading the description on Amazon I imediately put it on my wish list. I graduated college with a BS in Psychology and have always been fascinated by the human mind. It looks like a great read.

So sorry to hear about your headaches. I use to get headaches every day usually starting in the afternoon.(they were not migrains)In the end what finally cured them was to drink lots of water through out the day. I was dehydrated. I hope you are able to find something that helps.

I am rambling on but wanted to mention that I love your botanical daybed cover find. It is lovely and so cheerful.

Have a great day.

GardeningJo said...

thanks for the good wishes on the headaches! (not that i don't drink a lot of water already, but i'm going to try & drink more to see if that helps!)

the botanical day bed now a love seat cover is very cozy and cheerful! and hubby actually likes it!

not only did the description of 'sufficient grace' grab me but the cover of the book (soft cover) did too!

ps! you weren't rambling!