Monday, April 30, 2007


first of all, hubby's got edema (extreme swelling) in both ankles and while his doctors don't think it's cardiac related, he's still got to have chest (and feet/ankle & hand/wrist) xrays, a neuclear stress test and an echo cardiogram to be sure.

sat 5/5 is his last day with agent orange (aka the company from HELL) and the benefits rep just told him today that our health coverage will end SUNDAY! and he won't get the cobra paperwork until he's officially out of agent oranges computer system which takes 2 to 3 weeks!

excuse me?! there is such a thing as "the right to continuation of coverage for 30 days after voluntarily or in voluntarily leaving employment." NOT ACCORDING TO AGENT ORANGE!

so, i've set him up for ALL his xrays and tests for this week and he's calling united healthcare directly as soon as he gets home.

not to mention that i'm trying to get together a surprise party for him when he gets home on saturday to celebrate his new job and it's turning into a much bigger shin-dig than i had anticipated! so far nearly everyone i've told about it is coming and i'm up to about 50 people! yeesh!

and it's my mother's birthday on friday!!!

i've been so worried about hubby (who refuses to rest damn it!) that i've been breaking out in hives and now thanks to my brilliant idea of having this party, i am completely STRESSED OUT!

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