Tuesday, April 17, 2007

links are now "sites of interest!"

in adding (and deleting) some links today, i changed the name of my links section!

i've posted new links for:

~ a show called the manic organic with antony john aka my new inspiration! antony john is an ogranic produce farmer and supplier in canada. he combines organic gardening how-to segments on the ingriedients that will be used in that days recipes. he grows most of the ingriedients himself or gets them from other local organic dairy, cattle & mushroom, etc. farms. he's also quite a character and it's a very entertaining and informative show!

this link brings you to a description of the show and the show times on the discovery home channel. (if you miss him on monday nights @ 10p & 10:30p, he repeats on tuedays throughout the day on the same channel!) there's no actual site for him or his show, nor are the recipes listed anywhere online! (bummer!)

~ the organic cook's bible! i took this out of the local library after doing a search on trying to find out exactly what organic food is. i had such an urge to mark the book up as i read that i returned it and ordered it from barnes and noble.com! it starts with the basics and works its' way through the industry and then specifically into types of foods! love this book! scroll down for the description when you click on the link!

~ mother earth news magazine! not in the least hippie! (not that i have anything against hippie-ism!) i found a copy this past friday at the whole foods store and read it mostly cover to cover! (not something i do with some of the mags i get in the mail!)

~ organic gardening.com! i'm not jumping on any bandwagons here but i have been greatly interested in organics as of late due to curiosity and the fact that my chronic headaches have returned, which has lead me to try & cut out even more of my sodium intake than i have been for the past 14 years! it's nearly impossible i can tell you and i'm disgusted and now looking into more natural foods!

~ an explantion of what "USDA ORGANIC" means per government laws.

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