Tuesday, May 29, 2007

hey there! long time no blog! i've got a ton of pics from the garden and since there's way too many to post here, just click on the links below and they'll bring you to my latest photo albums! i'll do some catching up on everything else later or tomorrow!

hope everyone had a safe and peaceful memorial day weekend. funny how when i was a kid i looked forward to memorial day weekend as a 3 day weekend off - even in my 20's i think i did the same - yes, it's still time off, but since being with hubby (once a marine) it means so much more and i've learned what it's truly about!




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Tami said...

Love the garde photos. I think the fuchsia is my favorite. When I lived in Oregon my sister-n-law and I use to go to the local Fred Meyer every spring and pick out differnt varieties to put in our hanging baskets for the year.

Hope the party went well, and your hubby is doing alright.

Have a great Summer!